Terms and conditions

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1. The booking is to be considered definitively confirmed only after the reception of the contract that Agency Immobiliare Omnia Cristina shall send you immediately after having received the deposit. Agency Immobiliare Omnia Cristina reserves itself the right to refuse accounts that arrive more than 15 days after the date in which the flat has been reserved for the guest.

2. 30% of the total renting amount is to be paid as deposit to the Agency Immobiliare Omnia Cristina, also by post (registrated letter with guaranteed checks or postal order). The settlement of the rent must be paid at the arrival together with the delivery of the keys. No other payment shall be accepted other then cash, or money transfer before the arrival.

3. The deposit will not be given back under any circumstances. Should the guest be obliged to cancel the booking, he shall have to give notice at least 4 weeks before the beginning of the stay .If the cancellation is  7 days to 1 day before the arrive and the Agency Immobiliare Omnia Cristina is not able to rent the apartment  to someone else, the guest has also to settle the rest of the amount. No refund will be effected for early departures.(For season 2020, Covid-19, we make voucher same value for 2021).

4. The arrival must occur on the fixed date between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. (pay attention to the summer time). In case of dalay the guest must advise in time the Agency Immobiliare Omnia Cristina. Otherwise the apartment shall be kept free only for another day, after which it may be rented again. On the arrival, personal documents of everybody must be shown for the registration.

5. It is forbidden to give hospitality to more persons than allowed by the number of beds indicated on our offer. Children are considered as adults. Domestic animals can be brought only if allowed by Agency Immobiliare Omnia Cristina, in conformity to the regulation of each house.(Obligatory charge). The use of stoves or electric heaters is forbidden. All guests are obliged to respect the house regulations with particular attention to the rules concerning the quiet especially during the afternoon and night.

6. All our apartments are completely furnished and are equipped with gas stoves, set of kitchenware (pots, dishes, glasses, kitchenware) running cold and warm water, fridge and 220 volt electricity. A blanket and pillow is available for each bed. The guests must bring sheets, table linen and bath towels.(It is possible the rent).

7. The apartment has to be left free within 10.00 a.m. of the fixed date. The departure must take place during the office hours to permit our staff to control if the apartment is clean and in order. On request Agency Immobiliare Omnia Cristina may allow the departure during the night or during the hours that the office is closed but in this case it reserves itself the right to ask for a caution which shall be sent to the client by post after having controlled the apartment's condition. The apartment must be left clean, free from garbage with the kitchenware washed, the refrigerator empty and the kitchen in perfect order.Also the place car must be freed.

8. The guest must take the maximum care of the apartment and of its equipment (kitchenware, refrigerator, mattresses, etc.) Complainants regarding the state of the apartment and its equipment shall be accepted only within 24 hours after the arrival. Broken or damaged items must be paid at the price of the price list. As guarantee of the accurate observance of all what above written and to be sure that everything is left in perfect order, Agency Immobiliare Omnia Cristina  may on discretion, at the arrival ask for € 100/€ 150 caution for each apartment, which shall be given back after having controlled the conditions of the apartment.

9. No responsibility may be given to Agency Immobiliare Omnia Cristina in case of breakage, accidents, losses, thefts, and inconveniences in general that should occur in the apartment. However shall give its help to resolve the problems. Requests of compensation for damage must be agreed directly. For eventual legal disputes, the court of Venice is competent.

10. Agency Immobiliare Omnia Cristina  reserves itself the right, in case of unexpected problems, to change an apartment with another one having about the same value. Agency will pay eventual extra charges. The request of a particular apartment (number, floor, etc.) will be considered without however been guaranteed. The description of the furnishing of the apartments, in our catalogue may be different in exceptional cases. We inform our clients that the Agency Immobiliare Omnia Cristina  staff is authorised to enter into the apartment also in your absence for eventual repairing and maintenance.